Farm Events

Third Thursdays - Yoga in the Barn
When: 6pm-7pm January 18th
Price: $15/ Person
Max Limit: 25 students

Description: Come join us for a fun yoga series on the farm!r

This will be a fun music based yoga class for all levels. Everyone is welcome to come and move with us on the farm! We have had so many requests for more yoga so I thought let's start with a monthly class and see how it goes.

Put it on your calendar, every third Thursday come join us for some sweaty movement and yoga up in the barn loft. Bring some water, a mat and a hand towel incase it's warm. We'll finish with refreshments, optional cold plunge or a hang around the fire pit! 

Book your spot for the upcoming Jan 18th class - tickets are live!
Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop
When: 1-4pm January 21st
Price: $100/ Person
Max Limit: 20 students

Description: Come join us for a Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop

Join us on the farm for a workshop with Steven Roccazzella to learn all about the Wim Hof Method. We’ll learn the science and story of the Wim Hof method and have a discussion on how to safely use the tools of conscious breathing, and cold exposure to benefit our health and regulate our nervous system. He’ll take us through a guided breathing so we can feel the energy and connection of breathing in a group setting, tools that we will be able to use for years to come. After we will do a full emersion ice bath, face the fear with the support of Steven and our group. Using the cold to become a new play ground for health, meditation and empowerment!

Steven graduated from the Wim Hof academy in 2019 and has been teaching breath work and cold exposure all over Nashville and surrounding cities.

Book your spot for the upcoming January 21st class - tickets are live!

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