Meet Chelsea

Thank you so much for visiting my site, I am so glad you’re here.

My strongest passions in life are food, exercise, health, and taking care of my family. I created this site to share all of these passions with you. Through our dialogue, I hope to build a tribe of like-minded people who are on a journey to learn and improve their health and lives!

I have three wonderful kids, a four year old girl, a two year old boy, and we just welcomed a new baby girl this August! I cannot forget my fur babies, my two black labradors. I love my kids and dogs, but being a stay at home mom is challenging! If you are a parent, you know that we fly by the seat of our pants. Most days, you just wing it and hope everything turns out great. And when your kid only has one shoe on when you drop them off at school (even though you swore you put both shoes on before you walked out the door), you’re faced with a choice on how to handle it. Cry or laugh? For me, it depends on the day! I love my husband because he supports me in all aspects of my life and helps me get through these day-to-day struggles (plus he eats all of our leftovers).

I’ve been teaching yoga for 7 years and I focus on the Bikram and Buti methods. I teach these classes from a deep place in my heart and each class makes me feel so alive. My goal for each class is to make someone’s day better than it was before they stepped into the studio. Sometimes that means giving my students tough love and sometimes I have to be more gentle – but in each case, I strive to give everyone what they need, not always what they want! I live in Nashville, Tennessee and teach regularly at studios in the area. See my current schedule here.

I also keep a regular yoga practice as a student, in order to let go of negative energy and frustration I build up at home throughout the week. I view yoga as both my meditation and my exercise.

I love to cook and feed my family delicious and beautiful meals. I gather inspiration for new meals at our local farmer’s market and love getting creative with new fresh ingredients to expand our menu beyond the familiar meals. I use cooking as both a meditation and as a time to bond with my children. I love that my kids help create what we eat daily, and I love that they eat what I eat (when they’re not being picky). Food helps create mindfulness in my life, and food’s health impact is more important to me than ever because I don’t have as much time to exercise as I used to. You can learn more about the principles of nutrition that I believe in here.

I love to share everything I’m experimenting with, continually learn from others, compare notes, be open to new ideas, and continue to grow as a mom, wife, foodie and yogi. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!