Yoga Methods

Hot 26 | Bikram Yoga
Bikram Yoga is a challenging 90-minute beginning yoga class that consists of 26 classic Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. The class is designed to work 100% of the entire body from the inside out! Our focus is to build strength and stamina, improve flexibility and balance, heal old injuries and prevent new ones, de-stress and de-tox your body so you leave feeling energized for the rest of your life! Chelsea received her Bikram Yoga instructor certification from Bikram Choudhury in 2010.
Buti Yoga®
BUTI® is committed to the creation of a community of empowered women who support one another in their pursuit of health and happiness. BUTI® draws on primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive. Buti is unwavering in its commitment to demanding support and connection among students. BUTI® refers to classes, studios and groups as a tribe because we see great value in reflecting on our past to create bonds to build our future. Chelsea received her BUTI Yoga certification in 2016.