What’s In My Pantry

Note: Definitely not my actual pantry


What’s In My Pantry

I often get asked about my favorite items to have on hand in my pantry. What do you use to bake, to cook, where to shop, what do you stock up on, etc. Our pantry plays a huge role in what we eat, so it is an important way to stay healthy.  Below I’ve listed the pantry staples that help make 90% of the recipes on my website, where I get them, and why I choose these foods. Once you stock up on these basics, you will be ready to make whole-food nutritious meals and snacks!

A future blog post will cover my favorite products to buy from Trader Joe’s and Costco.

If you are in need of a pantry makeover to start the new year and would like guidance on where to start, I’d love to help you in person or remotely to clean up and restock your pantry, I’ll even go grocery shopping with you! You can find these and other new offerings on my store page.

Pantry Staples


Pink Himalayan sea salt – see why

Black peppercorns – from a grinder

21 Seasoning salute – TJ’s

Everything but the bagel seasoning – TJ’s

Red pepper flakes – for heat & health



Madras Curry Powder


Chili powder


Garlic powder

Onion powder


Dried oregano

Dried Basil

Dried mustard powder

Coconut Aminos or Tamari

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Rice Wine Vinegar

Healthy Cooking Fats:

Coconut oil – why I am still using it!

Coconut butter – homemade: coconut flakes in food processor

Avocado oil – use for higher smoke point

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Sesame Seed oil

Almond Butter/ Sun Butter


Almond flour

Coconut flour

Vital proteins collagen peptides

Vital proteins beef gelatin

Gluten-free Rolled oats – TJ’s

Oat flour – ground rolled oats in processor

Local Raw Honey – Rosiebelle Farm

Pure Maple Syrup – Costco

Organic Dates – Costco


Vanilla extract

Arrowroot flour or Tapioca flour – thickening agents

Dark Cocoa/ Cacao Powder – I use both!

Enjoy Life Chocolate chips – for Dairy free


Raw Walnuts

Raw Pecans

Raw Almonds

Roasted Almonds – for homemade almond butter

Raw organic cashews – Costco

Hemp Seeds

Organic Chia Seeds – Costco

Raw Organic Pepitas / Pumpkin seeds – Costco

Raw Sunflower seeds – TJ’s

Dried Organic Quinoa – Costco


Organic coffee – Costco

Matcha tea – Four Sigmatic (use code ‘Chelseajyoung’ for 10% off)

Soda water – la Croix – Costco

Dry /Canned Goods:

Organic full fat coconut milk – Taste of Thai or TJ’s

Nutritional yeast – bulk bins or TJ’s

Organic Garbanzo beans

Organic Black Beans

Organic Chicken bone broth – Costco

Organic Vegetable Stock

Organic Diced tomatoes

Organic Marinara Sauce – no sugar added

Organic Black bean noodles – TJ’s

Organic Red lentil noodles – TJ’s

Thai curry paste – taste of Thai is brand I use

Organic Tahini Paste – TJ’s

Hot Sauce – my go-to is Franks

Fish Sauce – Red boat TJ’s

If you have questions on why I use any of the above, please comment below or feel free to reach out! I try to follow the 4 quick and dirty rules below after experimenting with foods for 10+ years, it just seems to capture all of my food choices for our family.

I’m continuously learning as I go and hope to share and learn with you in my health journey. If you have a staple that you LOVE, let me know so we can all try it out!

My Quick & Dirty Pantry Rules:

  1. Whole ingredients! If you cannot pronounce the ingredients or there are more than 3 unrecognizable ingredients I don’t buy it. 
  2. No refined sugar white or brown – if you want to read why no sugar google: “sugar addiction”
  3. No High Fructose Corn Syrup – this tends to sneak into EVERYTHING these days – read the labels!
  4. Nothing “Hydrogenated” – or anything with trans fat

What are your quick & dirty rules of thumb when stocking your pantry?