Trader Joe’s & Costco Favorite Products

Along with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from Rosiebelle Farm, Trader Joe’s and Costco make up about 95% of where I get our family’s food. Shopping for a family of 5, I love the bulk items at Costco but also enjoy the unique products and the prices at Trader Joe’s.

I try to make it to Costco every 3 weeks and Trader Joe’s once a month. Our CSA comes delivered to our house every other week (which deserves its own blog post). With this rotation I try to make sure we have our go-to staples on hand (which you can find in this recent blog post), along with the fresh and frozen items you see on the list below, so that I can whip up clean meals for us at a moments notice . . . and not order in pizza (which does happen every once in a while by the way!).

The reason I love Costco and Trader Joe’s is because I enjoy the treasure hunt. Yes,  even with all 3 kids in tow. I’m always looking for the new products that can make our lives easier but still have clean, readable ingredients. Below you’ll find my favorites from both stores so next time you are shopping you can treasure hunt for some of these goodies that you haven’t tried yet! I’ve also included some of my recipes that I love to make with these products.

If stocking your pantry or grocery shopping seems daunting to you or you dread doing it, check out my new shop offerings! I’d love to help makeover your pantry and would even love to help you meal plan and provide you with an educational grocery shopping trip.

What we bring into our house from stores is a big part of our health. In a new year it’s nice to have a fresh start, and what better way to do that than with a quick and healthy restocked pantry and grocery trip! Happy shopping!

Trader Joe’s Favorites:

Seasonings/ Spices:
Everything but the bagel seasoning salt – I put this on EVERYTHING!
Seasoning Salt (Orange Lid)
21 Seasoning salute
Garlic Salt (grinder)
Sea Salt – tall blue cylinder – I use it for baking

Fresh Produce:
Organic Colored Carrots – try my Carrot Chips recipe
Organic Chopped Kale – both curly & dinosaur
Organic Beets
Riced Cauliflower – love to use this for my DIY Chipotle Bowls
Organic Sweet Potatoes
Organic cherry tomatoes
Organic Snap Peas – Kids love these!
Mini Avocados – Smaller seeds, more meat!

Cold Section:
Organic Hummus – Garlic Original
Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Nut Butters: (Yes there is a WHOLE section just for these!)
Mixed Nut Butter – Nutzo basically
Salted Crunchy Almond Butter
Unsweetened Sun Butter – Only placed I’ve found it unsweetened
Cashew Butter – new favorite!
Crunchy PB with chia & flax seeds

Pantry Staples:
Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Coconut Cream
Organic Coconut Flakes – I make my homemade coconut butter with these!
Organic Coconut Aminos
Organic Tahini – love it for this dressing!
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic Garbanzo beans
Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans
Organic Black Bean Pasta – have you tried this lasagna yet?
Organic Red Lentil Pasta
Tri-colored Quinoa
Organic Marinara Sauce with Mushrooms – No sugar added
Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Nutritional Yeast – we use this a lot but love it in our Vegan Mac & Cheese!
Red Boat Fish Sauce

Cocoa Powder
Organic Cacao Powder – New Find!
Vanilla extract
Gluten-Free Rolled Oats – perfect for my Baked Oats!
Golden Raisins
Cocoa Nibs
70% Dark Cocoa Chocolate Bar – the BIG red one!

Kids fruit roll-ups
Roasted Seaweed – My kids favorite!
Plantain Chips
Sriracha Chicken EPIC bars – no sugar in this one!

Nuts/ Seeds:
Roasted Hazelnuts or Raw – Nutella balls anyone?
Nut & Berry Trail Mix
Raw Sunflower Seeds
Pine Nuts
Hemp Seeds

Costco Favorites:

Fresh Produce:
Organic Berries – in season
Organic Apples – New item!
Mangos – in season
Organic Spinach
Organic Cut Green Beans
Organic Zucchini – in season
Brussel Sprouts
Baby Cucumbers
Sweet White Onions

Cold Items:
Fresh Organic Guacamole – 3 pack
Prosciutto – for our favorite Egg Muffins!
Organic Eggs
GT’s Gingerade Kombucha – New Item!
Kerry Gold Butter
Organic String Cheese
Organic Ground Turkey – For our favorite Chili!

Organic Broccoli – 3; 1lb bags
Organic Frozen Spinach – for our Egg-Young Foo-ish Pancakes
Organic Riced Cauliflower – my favorite way to make ‘rice’
Frozen Wild Blueberries – for our favorite pancakes
Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Filets – My go-to Salmon recipe
Wild Caught Flounder Filets

Lara bars – kids
Figgie Pops – New Item & nut-less for school
Grain-less Granola – New Item!
Organic Beef Jerky – Pacific Gold brand

Pantry Staples:
Organic Marinara Sauce – 2 Pack Paesana brand
Organic Quinoa
Organic Canned Black Beans
Organic Canned Diced Tomatoes
Canned Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon – for our Salmon Cakes
Canned Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna – Spicy Tuna Salad is my favorite!
Organic Chicken Bone Broth
Avocado Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
La Croix – 24pack $8
Organic Coffee

Almond flour
Organic Pitted California Dates – use these in our Cocoa-Nut Cookies
Saigon Cinnamon
Vanilla Extract
Organic Almond Butter
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Pure Maple Syrup

Nuts/ Seeds:
Organic Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Organic Raw Cashews – New find!
Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds – Have you tried my homemade Granola yet?
Roasted Almonds – to make homemade almond butter!
Raw Organic Almonds
Raw Walnuts
Raw Pecans

What are your favorite products from Trader Joe’s & Costco? Share in the comments below! I’m sure I’m missing great items while I’m chasing after two kids and bouncing up and down to soothe the third!